How to Choose a Baby Name ? 2018

Are you confused? Which baby names is best suitable for your baby?
How to choose a baby names for today's trending life ?

Then don't worry.... We will make it easy for you....

Most of the parents wants their baby names unique and Tandy.... And they don't have any experience of it..of cource😃


But how to select baby names ?
Here we have collected top trending names that are choosen by parents...

Before I let you to select baby names from the list ..... Let's discuss the points which are the points you should have to keep on your mind....

Here we go on topic:
Topic have two parts

First part is negative.
And second part is positive.

Negative part, parents must have to check your baby names negative parts..!
But what is negative part.😲!!!
We usually heard negative news around us,, so as a parents you should have to take care about that while selecting names for your baby , negative role, negative news put negative impression with that perticular name .... And in future that bad impression could be a part of it.

Now positive part:
Positive name means it's could have some meaning.

Suggestion : counter check meaning of name in different site.

Best site to check meaning is nothing but my favourite Wikipedia.

Now how to get Tandy name?
Look :

What is the meaning of Tandy ?
The name which are much prefer by people .

Where to find it?
Best source is the TV serials.
Next source is social media. Migrate this two source.

How ?
Collect name from tv serial and check it on Facebook friend list to check whether it's available or not.

How to find unique name ?
The reverse of Tandy name is unique name..


The name which are not used by any one is unique.. . While selecting unique name parents must have to ensure the meaning of it. Then they should opt for it.

So thats all about how to select name..

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Thanks for reading my blog..

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