Best Free Apps For Toddlers

We know that baby doesn’t have any experience of how to use smart phone. But If you use smart phone wisely then it will be the best virtual toys for your kids, not for only entertainment purpose but also for education purpose.

There are lots of application available in the play store market. But It is not good to install every application, test it and if not good so then uninstall it. It will affect your internal storage as well as performance of the device and data cost as well.

Don’t worry you don’t need to waste your time we will provide you a top application available without any cost for entertainment as well as educational apps.

We will also provide you a link so that you don't need to serf to find it on net we will provide you a direct link from play store. So here are the best application.

1. Nursery Rhymes For Kids

For your kids there is no need to explain any rhymes by virtually explaining. Here in this apps you will easily find any rhymes and once you started it your child will automatically capture all the thing that are singing . I will Highly recommend this apps for your child.
One more this the developer has put is this they have enable the touch option during rhymes. because of that kids can touch the thing and easily observe the behavior of the particular thing.

According to developer the features of the apps are as it is.
*** Chosen as one of the best 50 apps of 2015 by Google Play ***
***Over 150K happy moms and dads are using this app around the world.***
** 235+ nursery rhymes and songs with 24 free! 100+ activities. **
*** Super fun, educational and very interactive for 0-5 year olds to sing-along with music and animations
* 88 favorite nursery rhymes like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Mary had a little Lamb, Old MacDonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, If You Are Happy, London Bridge, BINGO, etc.
* 100+ Fun & original children songs to teach ABCs, fruits, vehicles, animals, vegetables, animal sounds, birds, shapes, insects, Christmas songs, etc.
* 26 ABC alphabet songs with a song for every letter + the ABC song.
* 3 Old MacDonald Songs including Old MacDonald had a farm, Jungle and Circus!
* 20 Animal Songs – 10 Fruit Songs – 10 Vehicle Songs – 10 Water Animal Songs – Original music and lyrics to teach about animals, fruits, etc.
* 100 fun educational activities.
* 4 Row Your Boat songs including Ride your Bike, Drive Your Car and Fly Your Plane.
* 12 songs to teach Months of The Year

You can download this application from here:

2. Learning Letters Puppy

best android apk for kids

Fisher – Price is the one of the best well known company to manufacture toys. Now they have decided to launch the android application and they launched various applications. All the application are available in the google play store.

One plus point for this application is that they have created the application based on the toys that they are selling physically so that parents can easily find the interest of their kids.

You can download this application from here:

3. The ABC Song

“Learn while you play” We believe in this quotes. If you teach kids while playing it will remember all the things that you want to teach.

I will recommend this application as the one of the best educational game for your kids.

It contains all the primary things for your kids like
Puzzle Fun

You can download this application from here:

4. Fruits and Vegetables for Kids

One more application from the Top developers is Fruits and vegetable for Kids.

One great features of this application is that It will speak perfect pronounces of the word so that It will be easy for the kids to learn perfect key word.

Also the images of the vegetable and fruit is neat and clean with white back ground.

You can download this application from here:

5. YouTube Kids

Yehhh One of my all time great application for all age . Here we come with the google best specific application for kids and it is you tube kids.

Every parents wants to show their kids a video related to kids and the best source was the you tube but parents are little bit worry about that there are some video means adult video available in you tube and unfortunately they are trending a great so kids can easily find it on home page of google.

So Here google inc has introduced a you tube kids it really tension free all the parents now their kids can see video that are related to their kids. 

One of the greatest function is that it is available with the age of your kids. parents can control all application by applying little bit afford in setting.

I really recommend this application for kids why because without any update your child can gets beautiful newly innovative video.

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You can download this application from here:


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