Indian Baby Boys Names Start with A

We have collected a list of Indian baby boy names for new born baby. To find Indian baby boy names is the most critical and important task for parents because baby boys names will be used for whole life not for single day. Indian Hindu people believe that if you select positive Hindu baby boy names then it will be significant for baby and if you select an Indian baby name with negative meaning then it will bring problem in future. Not only baby name is important but its meaning is also important that why we have created a numbers of name list with meaning. Here we have listed Hindu baby boy names.

Hindu Baby Boy Names start with A

Hindu Baby boy Names start with A

Aadarsh/Adarsh  One who has principles, ideal
Aadesh  command; message
Aadi  first; most important
Aadinath  God, Supreme Ruler of the Universe, the first God
Aadishankar  Sri Shankaracharya, founder of Adwaitha Philosophy
Aaditey/Aaditya  Son of Aditi
Aahlaad  delight
Aakaash/Akash  sky
Aakanksha  Desire
Aakar  form, shape
Aakarshan  attraction
Alaap  musical prelude
Aalok/Alok  Cry of victory
Aamod/Amod  pleasure
Aashish/Ashish/Ashis  blessings; Aashirwad
Aastik  who has faith in god
Aatish  Explosive, a Dynamic person
Abhay/Abhaya  fearless, son of Dharma
Abhayananda  one who is delights in remaining fearless
Abheek/Abhik fearless
Abhichandra  with a moon like faceAbhidi radiant
Abhijat  Noble, wise
Abhijaya/Abhijay  conquest, complete victory
Abhijit/Abhijeet  a constellation dear to Hari
Abhik  fearless
Abhilash/Abilash/Avilash  wish/ desire
Abhimand  gladdening
Abhimani  full of pride, another name for Agni as the eldest son of Brahma
Abhimanyu  Arjuna's son
Abhimoda  joy, delight
Abhinabhas  renowned, famous
Abhinanda  to rejoice, to celebrate, to praise, to bless, delight
Abhinandana  felicitous, welcoming
Abhinatha  lord of desires, another name for kama
Abhinav/Abhinava n ew, young, fresh, modernattainment
Abhiraj  fearless king
Abhirath  great charioteer
Abhirup  handsome, pleasing
Abhishek  an auspicious bath for a deity; anointing
Abhisoka  passionate, loving
Abhisumat  radiant, another name of sun
Abhisyanta  splendid, a son of Kuru and Vahini
Abhivira  surrounded by heroes, a commander
Abhyagni  towards the fire, a son of Aitasa
Abhyudaya  sunrise, elevation, increase, prosperity
Abhyudita/Abhyudit  elevated, risen, prosperous
Abinash/Avinash  indestructible
Achal  constant
Achalendra  lord of the immovable, the Himalayas
Achanda  not of the hot temper, without anger, gentle
Acharya/Aacharya  teacher, another name for Drona, Asvaghosa and Krpa
Achindra  flawless, uninterrupted, perfect
Achintya  inconceivable; a name of Lord Shiva; beyond comprehension
Achyut/Achyuta  imperishable; indestructible; a name of Vishnu
Adarsh ideal
Adesh  command
Adhik  greater
Adhikara  principal, controller, right
Adhipa  king, ruler
Adhiraj  king
Adhita/Adhit  a scholar
Adikavi  first poet
Adil  sincere; just
Adinath  the first lord; Lord Vishnu
Adit  first born, from the beginning
Aditya  the sun
Adityanandana  son of the sun
Adripathi  master of the mountains
Advay  unique
Adwaita  non-duality
Agastya  name of a sage
Agharna  the moon
Aghat  destroyer of sin
Agneya  son of agni
Agni  fire
Agni/Aagney  son of the Fire God
Agrim  leader; first
Agriya  first best
Ainesh  the sun's glory
Ajamil  a mythological king
Ajatashatru  a name of Vishnu, without enemies
Ajay/Ajaya  unconquerable, invincible
Ajendra  king of mountains
Ajit/Ajeet  victorious, unconquerable
Ajitabh  one who has conquered the sky
Ajitesh  Lord Vishnu
Ajmal  pious
Akash,Akaash,Aakaash  the sky
Akhil  complete, entire
Akhilesh  lord of the universe
Akshan  eye
Akshar  letter
Akshay/Akshaya  indestructible, immortal
Akshit  permanent
Akshyat/Akshat  unharmed, uninjured
Akul  a name of Lord Shiva
Alhad  joy
Alok  brightness
Amaanat  treasure
Amal  bright, clean, pure
Amalendu  pure like the moon
Amalesh  the pure one
Aman  peace
Amar  forever, immortal
Amartya  immortal
Ambar/Amber  sky
Ambarish/Amrish  the sky
Ambuj  lotus
Ameya  immeasurable; boundless
Amil  invaluable
Amir  rich
Amish  honest, pure
Amit  endless, boundless
Amitabh  boundless lustre/splendor/one with boundless splendour
Amitesh  one who is Infinite; God
Amitiyoti  limitless brightness
Amiya  nectar; delight
Amod  pleasure
Amogh  unerring; a name of Lord Ganesh
Amoha  clear, straight
Amol/Amul  priceless, valuable
Amrish  king of the sky
Amrit  nectar
Amshu  atom
Amulya  priceless
Anadi  eternal
Anagh  sinless
Anand/Aanand  bliss, happiness, joy
Ananga/Anang  name of Cupid or Kamadeva
Ananta/Anant  infinite
Anek  many
Angad/Angada  bracelet, brother of Wali & Sugreev


Anil  the wind god
Animesh  bright, to stare open-eyed
Anirudh/Anirudra  free; grandson of Lord Krishna
Anirvan  undying
Anish  supreme; Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva
Aniteja  Immeasurable splendour
Ankit  the chosen one
Ankur  sprout; new life
Ankush  control, check, hook
Anmol  priceless
Anniruddha  son of Pradyummna
Anshu  the sun
Anshul/Anshuk  radiant
Anshuman  sun
Anshumat  luminous
Anubhav  experience
Anugya  authority
Anuj/Anoj  younger brother
Anup  without comparison
Anupam  unique/ incomparable
Anurag/Anuraag  attachment, devotion, love
Anuttam  unsurpassed
Apurva/Apoorva  unique, quite new, never before
Aranab  ocean
Archan  worship
Archit  worshipped
Ardhendu  half moon
Arghya  offering to the Lord
Arhant,Arihant  destroyer of enemies
Arijit  conquering enemies
Arindam  destroyer of enemies
Arjit  earned
Arjun  one of the Pandavas
Arnav  ocean
Arnesh  lord of the sea
Arokya  very pious, healthy
Arpan  offering
Arul  the lord's grace; lord's blessings
Arun  sun
Aruni  name of a devoted pupil
Arvind/Arbind/Aravinda  lotus
Arya  honoured, noble
Aryaman  the sun
Asav  essence
Ashank  faith
Ashesh  benediction
Ashis,Ashish  benediction, blessings
Ashok/Ashoka  without grief
Ashu  quick
Ashutosh  who is easily pleased; Lord Shiva
Ashwin  a cavalier; a Hindu month; one of the constallations
Asim/Aseem/Asheem  limitless
Aslesh  embrance
Atal  unshakeable, immovable
Atanu  Cupid
Athiya,Atiya  to surpass
Atma/Aatma  soul
Atmaja  son
Atmajyoti  inner light; light of the soul
Atman  the self
Atmanand  blissful
Atreya/Atre  the son of sage Atri to whom Dattatreya was born
Atul,Atulya  matchless; incomparable
Avadhesh  King Dasaratha
Avaneesh/Avanish  god of the earth
Avanindra  lord of the earth
Avanish  lord of the earth
Avatar  incarnation
Avikshit  never seen before
Ayush  long lived

Hindu Baby boy Names start with A